Pike and Rose, North Bethesda, MD

A new shopping, multi-use development has been resurrected at Rockville Pike and Rose Road. It overs the Hilton Canopy Hotel, numerous shops and eateries and wait for it…. A beach


in the middle of the city and least we forget street art! So much street art embedded in the architectural design.

I will be honest I went to have a custom made ice cream sandwich at Baked Bear. It was delicious.


Later on that week I had a class down the street and returned to visit Taylor Gourmet, where I enjoyed the CR7, which is a turkey sandwich with cucumbers on a sesame Italian roll and a lovely side salad made with kale. All of the items were delicious.

I told you there was art, right?!? The designers did a wonderful job of including art in the flow of the shopping center, from art surrounding the beach area to art inspired parking lots and parking garages. They did an awesome job, if I didn’t live so far away, it would be my new hangout.

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