Washington, D.C. Capitol Hill Barracks Row (8th Street, S.E.)


Barracks Row an area on Capitol Hill beaming with activity, of brunch, Marines and Young Hip Urban Professionals… oh an ART in all it’s forms. Today I had the privilege of having brunch with my good friend Nancy Ramsey, who is also a local artist. We brunched at Cava Mezze, before heading down to Frame of Mind to see some dynamic photographs from my High School classmate Monica Serviates.

The food was good and original based on Mediterranean cuisine. It was all you could eat for 2 hours, but not a buffet. They will bring you anything off the menu as many times as you like. We had several dishes. Some of my favorites the hash browns with Gyro meat baked inside the potatoes, the biscuits, chicken and waffles, chickpeas and breakfast salmon. On this particular day, the pork shipment didn’t arrive, but they were more than accommodating and comped an entire meal. I have had a meal at several places on this street, some other noteable are Matchbox and Belga Cafe.


Now for the art, art came in so many forms that day. Street art, photographs, tattoos, canvases and mixed media. We visited the Hill Center on 9th and E and also Frame of Mind on 8th street. All of the street art is located on 8th street between the 400 and 1000 blocks.







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