Cartagena what can I say? I absolutely loved Colombia! From the rich history to the beautiful landscape,the people and the street art!!! The street art in Cartagena is EVERYWHERE!!! There is not a corner where you don’t see street art. The thing about the art, is they all have a story to tell! The food wasn’t too shabby either!

I had the pleasure of touring with the lovel Alex Rocha with Experience The Real Cartagena Tours.

His tours are informative and give you a look at Colombia in a way you would never imagine. I had the pleasure of going on 2 tours with him The Real Cartagena and The tour to San Basilero Palenque a UNESCO World Heritage sight, of the first freed African in the Americas, not South America all of the Americas. the Afro-Colombian culture is alive and well and flourishing.

But, without further ado let’s check out some of the art and food from the lovely Cartagena.



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