Charleston, SC (Again)


Quintessentially Southern and everywhere in Charleston, was theme of this trip.



Although I came to witness and celebrate my cousin’s graduation from High School, am I very proud of him, because he received both his Associates Degree from College and his High School Diploma in the month of May at 18 years old. I also took time to be a tourist.

I visited the Magnolia Plantation, sadly still owned by the original family and also  Magnolia Restaurant On E. Bay Street. Magnolia were everywhere. The restaurant had the best Fried Green Tomatoes I have ever tasted and a delightful crusted Halibut that was to die for, but I also took my time in exploring some new street art discoveries around North Charleston and Downtown.

This trip was everything I love about Charleston, Sweetgrass, Alligators, Magnolias, Peacocks, Family and Love!

visit the art work mostly located in Downton and Along Highway 17 toward Folly Beach!




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