Philadelphia, PA: The City of Brotherly Love

Philadelphia, our Philly as it is affectionately called was my home from 1989-1993, as I matriculated as an undergraduate at Temple University in the College of Arts and Sciences as a Geology Major, with a minor in Biology as well as honing my dance skills in the Dance Department with a 4.0. I have to be honest, I don’t visit Philadelphia much, but I visited a few weekends ago to have dinner with my former Work-Study supervisor and her dancing daughter now 25, who was in her belly when I worked for her.

We dined at Mixto’s in Center City, my current go to restaurant because Maduras, whew they are delicious!


Now what are Maduras? Glad you asked! Ripe plantains stuffed with ground beef in a rich tomato sauce topped with fresh mozzarella and mole’ sauce.

It is what dreams are made of, I assure you! But, if that isn’t your thing take a look below and see if any of these dishes wet your appetite.


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