Tauranga, New Zealand

Awww, Tauranga such a lovely place! Great lamb, Ice cream and L&P. What’s L&P? A unique soda exclusively from New Zealand, it has taste unlike anything I have tasted.


Tauranga and Mount Maungai is about 90 miles away from Auckland, but it has an awesome street art scene and equally lovely food. I have been to Tauranga twice to visit my friends, who reside in New Zealand.

Tauranga is so serious about their street art, that they actually have a festival. See link below:


The Maori culture is very prominent in the art work because it is important that indigenous people and culture be respected.

When it comes to food, there is so much to talk about! Let’s start with Bobby’s Fresh Fish Market. This was the absolute best fried fish I have ever tasted. They start by catching the fish of the day, so the actual fish changes daily. But, boy is it good!!!


Nothing fancy about this place, but the food…

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