Park City, Utah The Sundance Film Festival

Last weekend I traveled to Park City, Utah to go to the Sundance Film Festival for the  premiere of the movie Sinners Wanted.5DC3DC07-8833-4668-BC5F-FF508E4AC49E

This is a movie based on the book of Hosea in the Bible, set in current times. The movie is phenomenal, it made me laugh, cry and think. The movie written, produced and directed by Jimmy and Joshua Jenkins of Bowie, MD, will definitely be worth seeing when it comes to a theater near you!

Although, this blog is based on fine arts and street art, the Sundance Film Festival fits the bill. Don’t worry I still found plenty of street art and plenty of snow. It snowed continuously for 26 hours, but they took great care to take care of the streets. Park City, is a beautiful wealthy city.

One of the things Park City has is the most well-known street Artists Banksy who has 2 paints in Park City! Banksy is an anonymous street artist, who has paintings all over the world. All of the Banksy drawings are located along Main Street.

In addition to the Banksy’s art there are various statues around town, many are kinetic. There is also a massive mural in the transit center, which happens to be FREE. Once you arrive in Park City, public transportation is Free to the public.

The Sundance Film Festival, is a wonderful experience for a movie lover, which I am. This an event I will definitely attend again in the very near future.

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