Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis, Minnesota owes me nothing! I took a long weekend to visit Paisley Park, Prince’s home and business complex actually located Chanhassen, Minnesota a few miles outside of Minneapolis.  I took the VIP Tour on day 1 and the General Tour on day 2. The VIP tour includes one photo opportunity on a cool Paisley Park Jump Drive, exclusive video and audio footage of Prince and tours of Studios A, B and C, as well as exclusive Prince memorabilia, photos, awards, gold, and platinum records. A signed proclamation to fans upon his passing issued by then President and First Lady Barack and Michelle Obama, signed in  PURPLE ink.  One of the cool things is that Prince would have  minin concerts in his personal NPG club and serve cookies for free on the weekends., you just had to know, by following him on Social Media.  Tom the tour guide for the general tour also told us about the memorials in the tunnel where Prince would ride his motorcycle through.  In addition, a special treat on day 2 was the Purple Rain Tour Bus was parked outside and we were able to see it! Paisley Park is truly amazing, if you are a Prince Fan you must go!!

In addition to Prince, the Murals and the food!!! Jesus be a treadmill! They DO NOT believe in LOW CARB here from Cinnamon buns the size of your head to orders that say they feed one, but should be able to feed 4 people! Amazing!!!





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