Anacostia Southeast Washington, DC a diamond in the rough!

I found myself here after many years of staying away for a funeral of a dear friend’s mom. However, I stumbled upon a little hidden gem Turning Natural Juice Bar. It was a bit more when I arrived. Jamaican patties, açaí and pitaya (dragon fruit) bowls, juice shots and delicious smoothies. I got the Marion Berry and Chill Pill- Delicious!!! It is also surrounded by great art inside and out!!!

As DC continues to “gentrify” some areas of the city remain the same and Anacostia is just that. When I moved to the area as a teen, I attended church in this section of the city. Let’s just say my parent’s car was broken into when we were in church.🤐 It seems a tiny bit better, but not much. So in the words of the Wu Tang Clan, protect your neck!

Inside Turning Natural

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