Harlem, NY (Manhattan)

Harlem brings to rememberance the name of Langston Hughes, Billie Holiday, Zora Neal Hurston and countless more. Harlem was the pulse of the Black community during the Harlem Renaissance era, but now there is a new Renaissance and it is not including Black people or quite frankly marginalizing them. This Renaissance is the gentrification of an area by investors buying low priced buildings refurbishing them and out pricing the current residents out. It is happening in every Urban area around the country. The juxtaposition of this is never so acute as it is at the. corner of 125th Street(MLK Avenue) and Lenox (Malcom X Blvd), where a huge Whole Foods now resides.

This corner is the long time home of the world famous Sylvia’s Restaurant as well. It is a community mainstay.

The food was tasty and visually appealing. I had the Fried Chicken and Waffles, while my mother had the salmon croquettes, eggs and grits. We were serenaded by the live band at the Sunday Gospel Brunch.

This block is a vibrant myriad of cultures, ideals and hope all bundled into one simmering package. The street art is vibrant, the pulse and the people are too. On your next trip to New York City venture into this community, get some hearty soul food and take in the street art, which celebrates the legionsof the neighborhood. You won’t be sorry.

#Sylvias #Harlem #Gentrification #love

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