Hyattsville and Riverdale Park, MD


My father, where my love for murals and art began!









Hyattsville, MD is an upcoming suburb of Washington, D.C., it is the IT place to be in Prince George’s County Maryland. It boast itself as part of the Arts District, and Art it has!!!

It is booming with incredible street art, dance, yoga, visual and music arts studios. No, art genre is looked over in this incredible community. Come to visit Ballet Tap and All That Jazz, Love Yoga, Green Owl, Pyramid Atlantic and so much more!

The food is awesome too. Coming soon is Goshen Lifestyle Market. Goshen was formerly located at Union Market, they have the freshest, most delicious juices, I have ever tasted in life!  Busboys and Poets, named for Langston Hughes, has the most delectable organic, locally sourced dishes. My all time favorites are the salmon, wild rice and asparagus and the nachos.


Hyattsville will not be outdone with food, art or fitness. It is on the cusp of greatness!!!

The Fire mural is a mural drawn by my father and rest at the Hyattsville Fire Station. RIP Dad!

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2 thoughts on “Hyattsville and Riverdale Park, MD

  1. It’s pretty impressive how much Hyattesville has going on-both art and food-wise 😁 That’s amazing that your dad’s must have been one of the first murals there!


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