Havana, Cuba July 2017


Havana, Cuba!!! Viva Cuba!

I loved Cuba! The people, the history, the food our Host! I have a history with Cuba, many years ago I was going to Cuba as a missionary only to be told the week we were to leave that our Visas had been cancelled! I was devastated! Then President Obama opened the travel requirements and it was my turn!!!

A high school classmate and I, who I had not seen since the day we graduated decided to go to Havana! She was an excellent travel mate and we explored, ate, and had a great time!

The spirit and warmth of Cuba is infectious! Our hosts, were charming and made the most delicious breakfast every morning for $5! See below!


Our host created restaurant and event cards for us and we used them daily to plan out our day!F32D53B6-634D-4D31-86F5-77EA23288BB9

There were so many excellent restaurants so I will include a few here!



La Guarida

O’Reilly 304

Habana 61


Watermelon Mojito: Real Watermelon with seeds 😃 was used to create this heavenly cocktail!

note: I am not a drinker, but it was so beautiful, I had to partake!

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