Charleston Market

cropped-25f5d689-f30f-4537-9210-874def799997.jpegCharleston, S.C.. The place where My parents met and where my family is from, is a city with a rich and painful Southern tradition, but a burgeoning culinary present. In addition, to the food Charleston has a awesome street art scene. I will begin my Art and Appetizer journey here from the beginning.

I am a world traveler, I have travelled to more than 44 countries, I am also the daughter of an artist and a Foodie! My love of travel, food and art has drawn me to write this blog. In my travels I will introduce you to the world of street art, great food and the scenes of the city. Please come along with me and my journey!

Picture: The Charleston Market, this structure which spans several blocks was originally a slave market. However, the current narrative is that it was a market where people sold fruits and vegetables. This is only a half-truth, don’t let people re-write history. Know the real story!

#charleston #slavery #history


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